NES Financial Stays Active in EB-5 industry

EB-5 event

As the leading provider of escrow administration services to the EB-5 industry, we are excited to announce our attendance to the following EB-5 events:

February 11, 2012
Still the Gold Mountain: EB-5 Strategies and Recent Developments
Los Angeles, California

February 16, 2012
Advanced EB-5 Seminar for the Business Raising Capital
Pasadena, California

March 20, 2012
National EB-5 Financial and Investment Forum
Miami, Florida

March 30, 2012
Unlocking Foreign Capital through the Federal EB-5 Program
Portland, Oregon

April 27, 2012
EB-5 Investment Summit: Dealmakers Conference
New York, New York

April 29, 2012
IIUSA- EB-5 International Investment & Economic Development Forum/Annual Meeting
Laguna Niguel, California

Many EB-5 Regional Centers are choosing NES Financial’s EB-5 Escrow Administration solution to reduce their administrative burden. NES Financial’s EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution provides the highest level of funds security, transactional transparency, and operational efficiency for Regional Centers and their investors.

If you are attending these events, we welcome the opportunity to spend a few minutes with you to learn more about your business and introduce you to NES Financial’s EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution.


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Reid Thomas
Reid Thomas
Responsible for global sales and marketing at NES Financial, Reid brings over 20 years of sales and marketing leadership in both public and private companies in high-growth Silicon Valley technology companies. His past experience includes leading sales with Voice Over IP pioneer Sylantro Systems, driving revenue and market share growth to a successful IPO with VINA Technologies, and running sales operations at Octel Communications, which was acquired by Lucent Technologies. Prior to his current position, Reid served as SVP of Global Sales at Laszlo Systems, a global leader and pioneer in Rich Internet Applications. During his time with NES Financial, Reid has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the company’s EB-5 business, making NES Financial the leader in EB-5 by providing innovative solutions specifically built for the industry. His active participation in the EB-5 community has made him a frequent and sought after speaker at events and conferences across the country, as well as a frequent contributor to various EB-5 books, articles, and other publications.

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